Great Inventions For Kids

Inventions for kids, present a world of wonder, excitement and discovery.

As much as we adults are excited to learn about new and great inventions, for kids, learning about inventions, inventors and the inventing process is an opportunity to tap into something akin to magic - the creation of something out of nothing.

Whether you are an educator, a home-schooling parent or a grandparent looking for some fun activities, there are many benefits to exposing the children in your life to inventions and the stories around them.

This page covers some benefits and educational areas you can expose kids to, through the topic of inventions.

If you are looking for examples of inventions made by kids check out kids inventions to read about high school inventors promising inventions, or read inspiring kid inventions success stories. A great page to start discussing inventions and inventing with kids is our famous inventions made by kids.

Learning History through inventions for kids

Many of the everyday products we use today were invented years ago. Exploring how they came to be, opens a door to discussing the period, the challenges people faced at the time as well as introducing famous historical figures.

Depending on a child’s age, you could discuss different stories about the era, what inventions existed before the ones you are discussing and how the product has evolved from earlier inventions to later ones.

From the Victorian era to the industrial revolution and all the way to the 21st century, visit our many 'inventions in history' pages to get some ideas. 

Learning Geography through inventions for kids

The origins of different inventions are varied and come from different parts of the world.

This is a great opportunity to discuss different cultures and countries, why different inventions were created in specific places (why the snow slide wasn't invented in a hot climate), how inventors challenges or surroundings influenced the creation of their inventions and much more.

Choose one of our many country inventions pages to start your journey into inventions of the world: British, French, Russian, Chinese and Israeli - explore a different location and culture each time. 

Learning Science through inventions for kids:

inventions for kids

Inventions are a great way to discuss what science is about and why it's an important topic to learn. Talk about scientific concepts and how they enabled the creation of some familiar products.

Read the stories of some famous inventors and discuss how their education and knowledge allowed them to come up with solutions to everyday problems or just improve our lives.

Look at some of the most recent inventions that came out of new developments in science or help your child create his own science inspired invention.

Developing Creativity through inventions for kids:

There is nothing that spells creativity like the process of inventing.

Encourage children to imagine what products they would invent, or how their world would have looked liked without certain inventions.

Talk about inventions by kids and encourage the child to come up with an invention idea of her own.

Don't limit their ideas by practicality, let their imagination roam freely. You never know, they might come up with some ingenious ideas...

Use our pages to help light a spark and start the creative process: invention ideas for kids, easy invention ideas, the subtraction method, the attribute dependency method.

Introducing Role Models through inventions for kids

These days we raise children in a celebrity culture that glorifies people based on how famous they are and their media created status.

Unfortunately many of our children's current role models do not exactly exemplify in their traits or doings the ideal example we would like to present to kids. Their celebrity status is often based on media portrayal of unethical behaviour or on unfunded self promotion.

Looks, connections, money and success are often the values our kids embrace as higher goals one should aspire to achieve.

Discussing inventions and inventors, is your chance to introduce your kids to some genuine role models, non extraordinary people who came up with extraordinary inventions and changed the way we live our life.

Not all of them were exemplary figures, and led a perfect life, but at least their claim to fame is based in true contribution to the way we live ours.

You can choose to explore the theme of making money and being successful as a result of contributing to the world and our fellow human beings, by creating something of substance.

Discussing inventions with kids is also a great theme to introduce diversity through role models. Discuss women inventors and African American inventions to expose children to role models from different backgrounds and cultures.

Browse our inventors section to read more about the life and inventions of Leonardo da VinchiAlexander Graham Bell, Nikola TeslaGeorge Washington Carver and many others. 

Teach the value of Effort and Persistence through inventions for kids

While some inventions were accidental discoveries, most were the result of hard work, continuous effort, on going persistence and a willingness to accept failure and try again.

One of the best tools we can teach our children is how not to give up, pursue their objectives and persevere.

Discussing inventions that were the result of persistence and ongoing effort, despite failure, and ended up in great success, shows kids some healthy ways and tools towards achieving their own success. 

Inspire compassion and community values through inventions for kids:

The act of inventing has a measure of altruism to it, especially in older times.

While coming up with a successful new invention these days is often inspired by fame and commercial success many inventions stories are all about making a change and helping one’s community or the world at large find a solution to a problem.

Talk about some recent green inventions or sustainable inventions, inventions that helped solve situations in the third world and the likes.

Teach children about the potential of transforming lives through coming up with creative ideas aimed at helping others.

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