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  • Don't include any confidential information about your invention idea, or your actual invention, especially if its not protected yet.
  • The form asks for your country - this is in order to provide as relevant an answer as possible to your question. Often, invention law differ in different countries.
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Finally, please keep in mind that this 'ask an invention question' page, as this site in general, is aimed at helping novice entrepreneurs navigate the murky and often scary waters of realising and commercialising their invention dreams.

We will do our best to provide a comprehensive helpful answer that will help both you, and future readers of this site.

However, any information we provide is generic in nature and is not specific to you. We cannot be held responsible for any action (or lack of action) taken by you based as a result direct or otherwise on information contained in our answer to your questions, or in our site in general.

For personalised quality inventions advice, its always best to take independent legal advice from an experienced legal attorney.

Right, now with the legal necessities out of the way, Lets answer some inventions questions!

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