Famous Inventions Stories

Have you ever wondered how the most famous inventions were created? Some of the most well known products have incredible stories of innovation to tell.

From the beginning of time humans everywhere have been inventing.

Some of the most well known inventions are so much a part of our lives that we no longer think of them as inventions, but rather as if they have always been there.

By looking into our past and bringing inventions stories to life, we are all reminded that regular people, like you and me were able to come up with innovative ideas that ended up having a great impact.

If you are an aspiring inventor wondering why the history of well known inventions is of any use to you – please consider the following pages a source of inspiration or an illustration of the process of invention.

Knowing the past can help you create the future.

Whether you are looking for invention inspiration, background for an educational project, or just have a curious mind – the stories of great inventions are a fascinating read.

Each page in the list below is dedicated to one famous invention.

While writing and researching these pages, i have tried, as much as possible, to focus on the inventor behind the invention, the process of invention he went through, and how his invention idea came to be.

Some great inventions were created by mistake, others by trial and error. Some inventors were not aware at the time of invention that their mind creations will have a great impact on the world, while others realised immediately that they had a winner.

Whatever the case, their stories are those of human ingenuity at its best.

The invention of Coca-Cola

The invention of football

The invention of video games

The invention of the washing machine

If you are looking for the story behind a specific invention, leave a comment specifying which inventions you want to read about and i will try and upload them next.

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