The latest invention news:
Will your invention be on the news?

This is the place to read about the latest invention news, from around the world.

If you are into inventions, as much as i am, you always like to hear about the latest on the topic.

The new great idea that was invented by a young mom and the new products on their way to a shelf near you, sometimes in the future.

Here are some recent Google global news on inventions.

Inventions News - directly from Google News:


Inventions News - directly from Yahoo News:

Need more inspiration? Read news on inventions directly from Yahoo news.

They are pulled together from a variety of trusted and credible news sources, including Reuters, The New York Times and others.

Many of the inventors behind the news stories started just like you, with only an idea. And now, their invention made it to the world news. Are you next?

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