Invention Help: Find the Best Resources to Help you Take your Invention from Idea to Product

We all need some invention help, not just you. The process of inventing is a long one: from idea to product, there are many questions and hurdles to surpass.

The thought of facing the transition from a mere idea for an invention to an actual product looms large, scaring you into inactivity? Not to worry, there are endless resources to help you out there.

Yes, developing your invention idea seems scary, but despite the challenge that may await you, the rewards are worth the wait, and the effort. Here is a useful invention resources guide to help you get your invention from idea to product.

Invention Help: Finding the Right Invention Idea

Do you have great ideas for new products? Think you might be able to come up with the perfect innovative product, but for some reason it hasn’t happened yet?

Invention help is at hand. There are processes you can follow that will help you to structure your innovative thinking. Head over to our new inventions ideas page, to learn about a tested step by step guide that can help you come up with an innovative new product, in a field you know well. You can also browse the web to find ideas for inventions, or check out a method used by many large corporations to come up with invention ideas for new products. Coming up with the right invention idea is the first step, and it can be done following different methods and processes – no need to wait for sudden inspiration. Most importantly, make sure you invent something that will sell.

Invention Help: Protecting your Invention Idea

Once you have your invention idea, it’s good practice to protect it. The most common and ideal route is to get a patent. However, the process of getting legal protection can be long and costly. You can help yourself by looking for invention grants, investors who believe in your idea’s success potential and by finding free alternatives to popular services that allow you to do some bits of the process by yourself, thus saving money. A great source of help with inventions and especially legal help, are the Nolo books.

Invention Help: Perfecting your Invention

It is often a good idea to work on your invention idea, tweak and improve it, before you actually start marketing it and try to sell or license it for profit.

This process can be quite lengthy but every experienced inventor will tell you it is worth the effort. Start by building an invention prototype and testing it yourself. You can make a prototype very cheaply, with minimal help.

Get inputs and ideas on how to improve your existing prototype, from people in your field that are your potential users. Yes, your potential customers can be great source of invention help.

Invention Help: license or Sell?

Let’s face it, most people start on the inventing route to make money. Making money through your invention can usually happen in one of two ways: by licensing your invention idea to another company, for them to manufacture and sell it, in return for a lump sum and sometimes royalties from every sale. Or, by manufacturing and selling your invention idea yourself. Help abounds to guide you through those two routes.

However, what many people don’t realise, and a step often overlooked, is the need to market your invention. Whether you are looking to license or sell your invention, marketing it to your potential audience (relevant companies or the end buyer) is crucial to succeeding in either route. Start by creating an invention strategy plan or a business case that will help you pitch your invention potential to buyers or investors. If you are looking to sell your product yourself, a business case or strategy document is even more crucial to structure your next steps and make sure you are heading towards success rather than financial ruin. Writing a business case or a strategy plan might sound like the material of MBA types, but is actually quite simple, and involves researching your invention market and potential buyers, its commercial potential and market value.Check out our step by step guide on how to craft one.

Have your invention strategy and business case prepared? It’s time to do some marketing. Yes, you can get the help of companies and agencies that can do the work of marketing and pitching your invention to potential companies, for a fee.

However, there are many small actions you can do to raise your chances yourself, without paying agencies for the process. Even if you do end up choosing to pay professional companies for their invention help, if you know what the process involves, you can save quite a bit of money, by choosing to use them for certain activities, and doing others yourself.

Invention help: a mindset for success

Many inventors underestimate the importance of having the right mindset, while going through the process of inventing. It’s not all about the technicalities of production, the legal aspects or the business acumen. Inventing is a long process, and to be able to survive the hurdles and make it through to the successful end, one has to have confidence, the ability to face sceptics and flexibility and a strong will to take the adventure all the way through to the end. Check out our invention mindset for success page, for some tips and ideas that will help you overcome any hurdles on the way.

Invention Help: Resources

From books, guides, mentoring programs, products and aids – There is no end to the help you can find to get your invention from idea to product.

One of the best most affordable resources currently available on the process of inventing and monetising your invention is Ken Tarlow's online course: "Invention code: How to make money with your invention" on Udemy.

Tarlow has 81 US patents to his name and has developed 400 products worth over 1 billion dollars in retail sales, so you know he knows what he is talking about (check out the list of inventions he came up with on the course page, to the left - talk about inspirational!!). 

The course is very affordable considering the wealth of information he provides, and you get lifetime access to 47 video lectures (more than 6 hours of quality content) on topics ranging from coming up with an invention idea, figuring if it would sell, to easily licensing it to make money through royalties. It is a truly great resource for anybody interested in inventing. Check the course outline to see all the topics covered. I highly recommend it. 

Your role is to jump on the wagon, and start on the journey - the benefits that await you if you make it to the end are definitely worth it.

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