Find new Ideas for inventions with the help of the world wide web – Tools and Tips

Great ideas for inventions don’t pop up in inventors’ minds out of thin air.

If you are looking for new invention ideas, there is a process you could follow to brainstorm the best new invention ideas.

While you do that, take advantage of the internet. The are many tools and forums that will help you brainstorm new ideas or research your target market.

Start using the tools outlined below and you will soon have your own great ideas for inventions.

Tap into other people’s inventions wish list and ideas

Head to sites such as , a free collection of creative ideas for new inventions.

It’s a place for people to share their creative ideas in the hope that someone (or all of us) would benefit.

This is one of the most famous inventions ideas sites, but there are many others.

Google ‘invention idea’ or “i wish someone would invent” to find people’s own wishes for new products.

The web is full of blogs and personal websites and someone might give you the direction you will eventually pursue.

Hang around your future customers

Are you an avid golfer looking for a new invention idea in that field?

Visit Golf forums and read what people are most frustrated with, or what annoys them.

A father who wants to create a new baby product? Check out what moms in forums like BabyCenter are worried about.

Post in those forums to test your early stage ideas for new inventions.

You don’t need to disclose your invention idea (to get a patent, you need to keep your idea a secret, and not share it in the public space), but you can ask questions about the need it answers and what kind of solution would be most accepted.

Another great resource is yahoo answers or

Look for the topic you are interested in, or a field in which you feel confident about researching new ideas for inventions.

What do people ask about most in that field? How can you come up with a creative solution to fill that gap?

If you browse the golf category in yahoo answers, you can see that a lot of the questions are variations on “how can i improve my pitching” or “how can i hit the golf ball further” – can you think of an invention that will help people improve their play?

Maybe you can come up with a course that teaches people how to play golf? A gadget?

You will have to dig deeper than just browse the first few questions, but this will definitely give you an idea as to what concerns your new invention idea should answer.

Search in the last place you would think to look: a patent database or an online store

Look at some free patent databases where you can do a patent search online. Use the potential field for your invention ideas as a search term.

What patents already exist in that field? How can they be improved? What products are offered in online shops such as Amazon?

If you see many products or patents targeting the same conceptual problem, don’t be discouraged.

All it means is that you have come across a true concern, a need that apparently, despite everything that is out there, has not yet been properly met.

There is something quite scary in thinking about a great idea for a new invention and realising no one thought of anything even remotely similar in that field.

This should actually raise some alarm bells in your head – is this a real problem? 

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